Through our Earn-A-Bike (EAB) Program, we teach boys and girls bike safety, maintenance and repair. When they successfully complete the program — which is at no cost to them — they earn a bike with front and rear safety lights, a helmet and a sturdy lock.


Held at the Charlotte Re-Cyclery, classes are usually Monday evenings or after school and target 9- to 15-years-olds from fragile neighborhoods or environments. Organizations that bring children to the TFKC Ride Program have traditionally been the same groups participating in EAB. If you’re interested in bringing kids to a class, email info@tripsforkidscharlotte.org.


Please note that students must know how to ride a bike independently (without training wheels) in order to enroll in this class. If they are unable to do so, please attend a free Learn to Ride event before signing them up for our Earn-A-Bike class.

Each EAB class consists of three sessions:

  1. Kids learn the names for parts of the bicycle and how to change a flat tire.

  2. They pick out their bicycle and assess what is wrong with it, making sure the bike is the right size for them. The kids begin cleaning and tuning up their own bikes.‚Äč

  3. They learn how to ride a bike safely, both on and off the road. Each participant receives a helmet and lock. They then test their new bikes on a skills course and ride on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway before taking the bikes home.

Participants must agree to the following EAB rules:

  • Obtain permission from a parent or guardian to participate.

  • Respect each other, the instructors, the tools and the bikes.

  • Start on time and end on time. Put away tools, parts and bikes after class.

  • Address adults respectfully as Mr., Mrs. or Ms.

  • No horseplay: Keep your hands to yourself. No running or riding bikes in the Charlotte Re-Cyclery. No wandering around the shop.

  • No cellphone use during class.

  • Get approval from the adult in charge before starting or changing a task. Remember to complete tasks you begin.

  • Fill out the Earn-A-Bike Waiver.

Charlotte Re-Cyclery

1132 N. Caldwell Street

Charlotte, NC 28206


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