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Our shop manager Eric has been with TFKC since 2016. He is originally from Charlotte and got involved with biking after moving to Boston in 2010 because he had no money for a car or public transportation. While in Boston he volunteered with a program called “Bikes Not Bombs” and eventually became their sales floor manager. Eric found out about TFKC in 2013 after he did a driving tour through every state to check out biking nonprofits. When he moved back to Charlotte in 2016 to be near family he knew he had found his biking home. He loves to help people get on bikes and believes it is a life changing experience to get on a bike. He loves working at the Re-Cyclery because all the bikes are refurbished good quality bikes which allows for repurposing, a unique product and supports youth programs. You may find Eric biking around the city helping others fix their bike so they can keep on rolling. 


Charlotte has been a dedicated bicycle and bus rider since she was 12 years old. With these as her chosen modes of personal transportation (and walking!) she has been connected to many incredible people, projects and places. While completing her degrees in Environmental Education, Charlotte rode across the USA twice with the youth organized tours called Co-Cycle. These transformative events planted the seed in her brain to share the joy and power of human-powered experiences. In partnership with the amazing Bethanie Johnson, she co-founded CLT Bike Camp in 2016, our city’s first official youth bicycle-transit education program. Charlotte is deeply passionate about bicycles, nature and community and hopes to continue connecting and sharing her passions through programs at TFKC. 


Paul has been working for TFKC since 2011 but actually became involved in 2009 as a volunteer. Another bike shop recommended the re-cyclery after he couldn’t afford to take his bike a shop any longer and needed to learn how to fix it himself. He spent time as a volunteer and has proven to be one of the best mechanics in Charlotte. He believes you should check out the Re-Cyclery to find those “hidden treasures”. “You should come here if you want to find a bike with personality and one that is re-purposed; being able to re-purpose those hidden treasures that would otherwise be lost”.  In his free time he enjoys biking, rock climbing and spending time with his wife Charlotte. Fun fact, Charlotte and Paul actually met at the Re-Cyclery in 2016 and the rest is biking history! 


Andy has been with TFKC since 2001 and has loved biking since he was a kid. Once he found the Re-Cyclery, he never wanted to leave! Andy says the Re-Cyclery is “a bikers toy store.” In his free time, he enjoys being outside, spending time with his 17-year-old daughter and playing with his dogs. His favorite part of TFKC is our Earn-A-Bike program, because you watch kids who have never had a bike before earn their bike. Andy says the Re-Cyclery is the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind or obscure things. “I like saving parts and you never know what people are going to be looking for.” Next time you need a unique part, it is likely that Andy has it for you! 


Paul has been working as a Re-Cyclery technician since 2012. Despite owning and operating his own amplifier business, Paul has dedicated his time to the Re-Cyclery for years because he believes that it is imperative to give back to the community in any way that they can to better the lives of others. Paul believes that the Re-Cyclery and TFKC give him the perfect vehicle for making an impact on the community.  In his spare time, which he has very little of, you’ll find Paul on his bike, listening to music, seeing a live show or spending time with his family. Paul loves that TFKC advocates for the bicycle and its many benefits to our community. As Paul says, “Cyclists are going places!”

Ben has been with TFKC since 2008. He is a lifelong cyclist who started wrenching on his own bikes eventually parlaying that into a job at a bike shop. After more than a decade working in the cycling industry in various roles, Ben now spends his time repairing bikes and teaching the Bicycle Assembly and Repair class. He is also the resident Campagnolo enthusiast at TFKC. Ben loves riding bikes, naturally... Specifically riding a road bike fast and far into rural areas!


Milton has been with TFKC since 2017 and became involved as a Re-Cyclery volunteer and decided he wanted to stay! He wanted to get actively involved with getting more people biking and TFKC was the perfect solution. His favorite moments are when he meets people while out and about that bought a bike from the Re-Cyclery. They often share how much they love their bike or thank him for taking time to help them make their purchase. In his free time, he enjoys leading bikes rides around Charlotte. Milton is employed by Wells Fargo as a UX UI Designer.  

Thomas has been with TFKC since March of 2019. His involvement with TFKC started at the Re-Cyclery. He truly values how a bike can make someone feel and is happy using his skills to get that message out there. When hes not working for TFKC he's either riding his bike too far or illustrating kid's books. 

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