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Trips For Kids Charlotte is Hiring!


Trips For Kids Charlotte is hiring full-time and part-time positions to support our youth and community programming. For any questions or to apply for any of the available positions please email a resume and cover letter to

Youth and Family Program Manager (Full-time Position)

The Youth and Family Program Manager (YFP) is a full-time administrative position which focuses on the organization, coordination and scheduling of Trips for Kids Charlotte’s Ride Program, Earn-A-Bike, Adult Earn-A-Bike, Learn and Earn Online © program, Learn to Ride and Safety Programs. This position will oversee communication with community partners, participants and volunteers from agency inquiry through scheduling, implementation logistics and post-program tracking (photos, stories, participation data). The YFP Manager will also coordinate with and train part-time instructors, part-time ride coordinators and volunteers to carry out program activities, events and classes. YFP Manager may have to assist as support at Rides or Education Classes as needed.

The YFP Manager will work with the Re-Cyclery Manager and the Executive Director to establish and ensure annual program engagement goals, sustainable scheduling, adherence to mission and vision and budgeting. The YFP Manager will be required to work some Saturdays throughout the year to ensure both programs and events happen as scheduled.

The YFP Manager is responsible for managing the Program Instructor and the Ride Program Coordinators.

At times, the YFP Manager may be asked to attend online or in-person training, including working directly with Trips for Kids National staff

What we look for:

-Enthusiasm towards cycling as a means of recreation, transportation and fun!

-Proficiency in Google Platforms.

-Organized with an attention to planning, participant/partner relationships and data collection.

-Experience managing and encouraging team members.

-Affinity for working with youth, families and the ability to meet folks where they are.

-Strong emphasis on communication and transparency with the ability to be considerate and maintain boundaries and expectations.

-Self-motivated within a team/cooperative environment.

-Ability to be adaptive, patient and problem-solve.

-Ability to instruct and coordinate with part-time subordinates.

-Experience recruiting and coordinating volunteers.

-Interest in program development.

-Complete Cycling Savvy Curriculum.

-Complete Bicycle Assembly and Repair Curriculum via Charlotte Re-Cyclery.

-Access to and the ability to drive a motor vehicle.

-Pass background check.

The YFP Manager is a full-time salaried position. Benefits include 60 hours personal paid time-off plus 2 weeks paid vacation from Christmas Eve through the first week of January (year-end break).

Program Instructor (Part-time Position)

The Program Instructor (PI) is responsible for implementing TFKC program curricula. This position will work closely with the YFP Manager to schedule, coordinate and implement programming in the field. TFKC program curricula include Earn-A-Bike, Learn+Earn-a-Bike Online © Learn to Ride, Safety Clinics and support during CLT Bike Camp Partnership camps. Programming will also include any non-Colonel Francis Beatty rides, such as greenway rides. The PI shares responsibility with the YFP Manager to train and support community members as they become leaders in their community. The PI is also responsible for helping rebuild program bicycle fleets. Program Instructor may be asked to support Ride Program Coordinators during Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (TAKMBD) the first weekend of October.

What we look for:

-Enthusiasm toward cycling as a means of recreation, transportation and fun!

-Proficiency in Google Platforms.

-Enthusiasm for working and creating relationships with youth, mentors and volunteers to empower more folks on bikes!

-Emphasis on an organized and prepared approach to implementing programming.

-Availability on Saturdays.

-Ability to communicate program needs as observed from the field as well as coordinate with YFP Manager to ensure stock of materials needed for education programs (helmets, locks, bikes, lights, etc.).

-Completion of Cycling Savvy and Bicycle Assembly and Repair Curricula.

-Access to a computer.

-Complete a background check.

The Program Instructor position is part-time position at 20 hours per week.

Ride Program Coordinators (2 Seasonal, Part-time Positions)

The Ride Program Coordinators (RPC) are responsible for conducting the Ride Program at Colonel Francis Beatty Park. The RPCs will work together to ensure the safety of all who participate in the Ride Program. The Ride Program Coordinators will work closely with the YFP Manager to schedule and prepare for programs throughout the season, which runs March - November.

The Ride Program Coordinators will be responsible for collecting all signed waivers, organizing and delegating tasks to volunteers, requesting repair support from the Charlotte Re-Cyclery for the Francis Beatty bicycle fleet, entering data in spreadsheets and communicating ride reports to the YFP Manager.

The Ride Program Coordinators will be required to work Saturdays and weekdays during the summer to accommodate TFKC’s partnering with Great Outdoor University.

What we look for:

-Enthusiasm toward cycling as a means of recreation, transportation and fun!

-Proficiency in Google Platforms.

-Ability to transport supplies and have access to a motor vehicle.

-Ability to manage volunteers and ensure the safety of all participants during programming.

-Completion of Cycling Savvy and Bicycle Assembly and Repair Curricula.

-Availability on Saturdays.

-First Aid Training provided by TFKC.

-Access to a computer.

The Ride Program Coordinator is a seasonal, part-time position. TFKC is intending to fill two positions, each for an average of 8 hours a week. Hours/week may be higher during the middle of the season and lower at the ends (high season is May - August).

Trips for Kids Charlotte is an equal opportunity employer. For inquiries or submissions please email:

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