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Five tips to setting up a bike appointment at the Re-Cyclery!

The Pandemic has added steps and caused stress for completing many of our "normally" basic tasks of everyday life. Setting up an appointment to purchase a bike at the Charlotte Re-Cyclery does not have to be one of those stresses.

Here are 5 stress-free tips to setting up an appointment to purchase a bike!

  • Know your height

The Charlotte Re-Cyclery refurbishes quality bikes over the past 40 years (1980 and newer). During this time, the standards for fit and sizing have changed greatly. We can make a generalization but, knowing your actual height and the length of your limbs are some of the key measurements to understanding how a certain bicycle fits without having you present to stand next to the bike.

  • Have a couple of choices for appointment times in mind

The Charlotte Re-Cyclery offers appointments ever half-hour that we are open. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 1pm and 5pm. When you call, please have some time ranges that you can commit to and we can plug you in where we have availability within your ranges.

  • Know what you are looking for: Types of bikes and what they are used for

The Charlotte Re-Cyclery carries a wide variety of bicycles with different applications. The main styles we carry for adults are:

  1. Hybrids Bikes - (aka - City bikes, ATB bikes) - Dual purpose for road and lite offroad.

  2. Mountain Bikes - front suspension with offroad as the preference for the bike

  3. Road Bikes - Primarily for road use

  4. Touring, Gravel bikes - Dual purpose for road and lite offroad (similar use as Hybrid)

  5. Cruisers - Primarily for flat land and casual use

All bikes have the capability to be ridden as commuters and on the road and greenways. Some are just more suitable than others, but all are capable. When choosing a bicycle, know what your primary use for the bicycle will be and base your decision on that rather than what you might use the bicycle for.

  • Call at 3pm on Monday

We understand that it has been difficult to get through our line due to the high volume of calls that come in at 1pm when we open. We thank you appreciate you for your persistence and support! We have noticed recently that we have a little bit of a lower call volume around the 2:30pm to 4pm hours. Try us at those times!

  • Kindness and patience

As always we appreciate you, your support, and your understanding while we manage through the "new normal"of bike shop services and sales. We are a small staff and we take great care and attention to build and refurbish our bikes so it may take a little longer than other bike shops to produce and repair bicycles. Please share the same kindness that we share with you. We understand the need for bicycles and we are doing our best to support our community while keeping everything safe and stress free! We love you and we thank you!

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