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Meet Eric Supil, TFKC Executive Director

Many of you might already know our Executive Director, Eric Supil, outside of his work with Trips for Kids Charlotte. That's because when you're as passionate about cycling, community building and advocacy as Eric is, it's hard NOT to embody these values in your day to day personal life, as well.

Outside of TFKC, Eric shows up at many community rides to show support and solidarity. Chances are, you've probably ridden with him in a group setting without even realizing it! His strong, steady presence within our community and organization is a force we are immensely grateful for. He leads by example, and the crew here at Trips for Kids Charlotte and the ReCyclery have experienced tremendous growth (both personal and professional) under his leadership.

Last week, Eric sat down with Alyssa, Director of Marketing for Hygge Coworking, as a guest on Hygge's epic podcast (10/10 recommend checking their podcast series out!). There, he talked everything from learning to ride a bike at 14 years old, to safe cycling in Charlotte and youth programming at TFKC.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to sit down and candidly talk all things bike and life related with Eric... thanks to Hygge, now's your chance! Click below to give the podcast a listen and let us know what you think!

Huge thanks to Hygge Coworking for hosting Eric as a guest speaker, and for highlighting the work TFKC does within our community. Photo Credits go to: Julia Fay Photography [@juliafayphoto]

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