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For Bike Month, Trips For Kids Charlotte and the Charlotte Re-Cyclery are launching a social media challenge to engage the conversation about WHY people ride their bikes and how the bicycle has impacted them! 

Many people do it for exercise or transportation or just for fun!  We want to know what gets the gears rolling and share this with others to consider the different ways cycling can make an impact on lives.

Tag @charlotterecyclery and/or use the hashtag #whyirideCLT on instagram and tell us why you ride!

Help start the conversation! Challenge and tag your friends to find out what cycling means to them and how the bicycle has impacted their lives. The @charlotterecyclery will retag your posts and stories on our story and share ideas.

Every Thursday and periodically throughout the month TFKC will be posting an online bio of Charlotte cycling advocates, supporters, cyclists, casual riders and their individual programs or initiatives. 

To kick things off check out our Instagram launch today Thursday, May 7th and follow our blog for a weekly launch of #whyirideCLT responses from cycling advocates all around Charlotte!

Here is the first one from Pam Murray of PMTNR and Cycling Savvy!

1.) Who are you?  Introduce yourself

I'm Pamela Murray.  I'm the Director for Bicycle Benefits in NC, and a Cycling Savvy Instructor.  I like to ride my bike and ride it daily.   

2.) Why do you ride a bicycle? 

My bicycle is my primary and preferred mode of transportation

3.) How has cycling impacted your life? 

Cycling has introduced me to many roads and neighborhoods I did not know about when I drove my car.  It has connected me to the city viscerally and intimately. 

I have had the chance to meet lots of people and discover so many interesting things about Charlotte.

4.) When did you commit to making cycling into your lifestyle? 

In 2008 after a couple of years of buying my first adult bike.

5.) What is the best advice you can give someone about making cycling part of their lifestyle? 

Enjoy your ride.  Be relevant, visible and predictable.  You are traffic.  Come take Cycling Savvy and come ride with me.

TUNE IN FOR MORE NEXT THURSDAY! Explore on two wheels, be safe and be kind!

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